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Wolverine All Metal

48” Steel Handled Cap Rock Shovel

10” Blade

2 1/2” Handle Lift

Wolverine Fiberglass Handle

48” Solid Core Fiberglass Handled Cap Rock shovel

10” Blade

1” Handle Lift

Structron Impact 

Stamped Impact Caprock Shovel
• 10 ga. stamped & hot formed head
• PermaGrip steel collar
• Flat blade caprock style
• Solid fiberglass handle
• ProGrip cushioned grip

Wolverine All Steal Square Head

12″ Long Straight Bottom Steel Blade

54" Long Handled Steel Spade

*Also availble in 15" steel blade

Wolverine Root Running Shovel

15" Long Straight Bottom Steel Blade 

26" D Handle steel spade

W100 Rear Roll Step Round Point Shovel

42″ Wood Long Handle

• Rear rolled steps on heads
• Square shoulder.  9” sockets on   shovel heads
• Heat treated steel heads with clear lacquer finish
• Strong wood handle

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