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SISAL Rope & Twine

We offer an expansive selection of sisal rope and twine.  All of our sisal is of the highest quality and imported from Brazil. From baling hay and tying trees, to artful handicrafts and geotexiles, the uses for our premium rope and twine are endless:  We can sell by the truckload, pallet, bale or, even, roll.

Why choose sisal over poly?


Cost was the main reason why plastic (polypropylene) twine was introduced to the market. Although cheaper than sisal, poly twine is more susceptible to slipping knots and cattle dying from ingesting the toxic plastic. Sisal rope and twine are fully biodegradable, tested safe for livestock, and has superior knot and grip capabilities. It's a natural material and healthier for the environment comparable to chemical or synthetic fibers like poly. 






The sisal plant is about 2 meters tall and has a lifespan of about 7-10 years.  Each plant can produce up to 250 commercially usable leaves and each leaf contains about 1000 fibers. 

The fiber is extracted by a process called decortication. This is where the leaves are crushed and beaten by a rotating wheel with blunt knives. 




The fiber is then dried, brushed, and baled for export or fabrication. And finally, the fiber is treated and spun into the desired rope or twine sizes.

Sisal fiber used in twine spinning is specially treated with a water in oil emulsion for protection against rot, rodents and mildew while still remaining harmless to animals.  The vital quality factors of twine are tensile strength (both linear and knot strength) and uniformity.

Available in 1 ply, 2 ply and 3 ply 

10 boxes per bale


3 ply:  100 ft per box

2 ply:  150 ft per box

1 ply:  300 ft per box

Take advantage of our exceptionally competitive pricing. We guarantee next business day delivery in the state of Florida (excluded the panhandle). Call today for a quote and start saving. 

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