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Arbor Brace Kits






Arborbrace's tree guying system has quickly become one of the most respected and admired systems in the tree staking market today.  The Arborbrace system offers a superior replacement for lodge poles, wire and wood stakes, T-Posts, and wire & Garden hose.  It installs faster and is a fraction of the cost of other guyline based systems.


  • Nearly 3x faster to install than lodge poles

  • Requires no special tools

  • Tension buckles eliminates the need for turnbuckles

  • System comes ready to install

  • Blends into the landscape

  • Proven system preferred by Landscape Contractors


In Each Kit you get:

  • (3) High strength nylon arrow earth anchors

  • (3) Rust-proof nickel plated tension buckles (1200# break strength)

  • (3) 12-ft lengths of UV coated tree-tie polypropylene webbing (approx 900# break strength)

System comes assembled and ready to install., 25 kits per case.


Available in Nylon, Aluminum, and Jumbo:

Nylon: includes hardened nylon anchor, handles 2-4 inch caliper tree, 3/4", 800 lb polyprop UV webbing, Cam-Lock Quick Tensioner

Aluminum: includes aluminum anchors, handles 2-4" caliper tree, 3/4", 800 lb polyprop UV webbing, Cam-Lock Quick Tensioner

Jumbo: includes larger aluminum anchors, handles 6-7" caliper tree 1", 1000 lb polyprop UV webbing, large Cam-Lock Tensioner



Introducing ArborbraceTM the new industry standard for securing battens to the palm collar (or other tree) and is the professional alternative to traditional metal banding methods.  Five improvements in one easy-to-use design is why Arborbrace was the first palm bracing system to be awarded a U.S. patent. 


  • Clean: Cutting and wrapping burlap is a thing of the past.   Arborbrace has burlap pre-mounted on each wood block. No excess material means no excess moisture around the bark of the tree; greatly reducing the risk of fungus, disease, trunk discoloring and ant nests.


  • Safe: No metal bands to girdle the tree and deform trunk shape.


  • Versatile: Arborbrace's straps are mounted through a wood channel so that the wood blocks won't slip -- potentially a risk with metal banding.


  • Strong: The green tree webbing has a approximately 900# tensile rating and the non-rusting locking tension buckles are rated at 1200# break strength.


  • Complete: Arborbrace's wood battens have a special notch that easily accepts your 2x4's as they lock the ground supports in place.   No more wasting your time beveling wood.   Just snap them in place, nail, and go!





Palm Bracing Kits are available in Arbor Strap or Hose Clamp

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